1. Ain't No Rules

From the recording The Fine Chairs

drums by Benno Schlachter, bass by Hermann von Ehrenstein



It doesn`t matter
How far I travel
Can`t forget her face.
It doesn`t matter
How hard I try
Can`t get out of this maze.

If you wanna act in most peculiar ways
Be sure you know how to play that game

Because there are
Ain`t no rules
It ain`t got no rules
Ain`t no rules
But you keep on mistreating every advice.

For me it doesn`t matter
She`s so damned close to you
I told you so.
Running in circles
And in the wings
You know she won`t let you go.

If you wanna be the one who breaks out.
Be sure you know what it`s all about.

Because there are …