The band started to record all their songs during rehearsals. So this is the real live pure band sound. Wanna take a listen? Go the 'music' section!

Photo Shooting Nov. 2022

We had a fantastic and magical photo shooting. Go to the photo section to get a first impression. Many thanks to Katarina Manteufel for doing a great job.

The band's got a new drummer. Please welcome Marcin Kuziel. From 2013 until 2016 he was with Sebastian & Christian when they played with Yellow Jumps Twice.

Here's our brand new album

This is our new album. As usual you can get it via Bandcamp and Hearnow with all the links to your favourite streaming dealers. The album was recorded from February, 15th until July, 12th 2022 in the band's own studio. Contrary to our last album release this one shows "The Rock Side" of the band. With distorted guitars, walls of sound and a lot of Rock, Wave and Britpop character. Thanks for their support to Ben Christian (bass) and Marcus Henschel (drums).

Click on the album cover - it'll bring you to your digital dealer!


We thought it's time to get some new band pics. Just jump to the "photos" section to take a look!


At the end of 2021 we recorded three brand new songs featuring the new line-up of the band. Take a look at some impressions of the sessions in the "Photos" section. /photos


Today we've released our first single. Sebastian mixed a single edit of "Where Are You Now". It's available via Bandcamp but very soon you can get it from all your favourite music hosts like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon aso. 


Get "Where Are You Now" from Bandcamp