From the recording The Fine Chairs



At the crossroads of life it’s hard to tell
Which one’s the way our souls to sell
Wrong or right is still a point of view
But though I know I just don’t know what to do.

She caught me in the days of my life’s noon
And I feel I’m dancing to a different tune
I try to keep my mind right in it’s place
But common sense will get lost without a trace.

I can’t stand the pain
To know it’s all in vain
She will be always out of reach.
Switchin’ off my mind
To keep myself so blind
She will be always out of reach.

I thought I knew what life has in it’s sleeve
But she sneaked into my life just like a thief
I’m afraid my good times never been so bad
What I’m in will surely drive you mad.

I can’t stand the pain…