1. It's Just Me

From the recording The Fine Chairs



Did you ever think about the one
Who hides his fears behind that door inside?
Did you ever think about what I said
When I said the time is right?

I don`t really care
When everything I share with you
Will be misunderstood.
You don`t need to argue
What you love or hate
Just keep the things
You want to be the truth.

As you can see
It`s just me
I don`t expect you to agree.
Those words I say
The chords I play
You don`t need to understand
But it`s just me.

Did you ever thought my little world
Has not a hint of sex`n drive?
Don`t you ever think I`m not afraid
Of leaving softly what I thought should be my life?

I don`t really mean
To support your dream
What I say is what I mean.
Can`t you sometimes see
My foolish grin behind the lines
You want to be the truth.