From the recording The Fine Chairs



Heaven knows
What I came here for
Heaven knows
It’s all in vain
I can’t recall the reasons why you’d asked for more
Long, long, long before you caught the train.

And now you tell me it’s getting better
You’ve banned the demons from your life
But sorry, I think it doesn’t matter
That there was a time I called you my wife.

I will stay apart
Because I really feel the lions still lie in wait.

And so I won’t be near just to realize
That the walls came tumbling down
Not a second time inside this house of lies
While the walls came tumbling down
It took me long enough just to lose my ties.

After all this time it’s not so easy
To keep the memories off my mind
I reached the point to keep me blind
For the temptations from your side.

I will stay…

And so I won’t be near…