From the recording The Fine Chairs

drums by Sandy Hannekum



Your distorted face on a mirror ball
Acting like the answer to Cthulhu's call
You let us dance with bleeding feet
Seduced by a most delusive beat.

Along your path who counts the wounded
Along your path paved with skulls.

But as the days go by
You may ask yourself why
You never really changed
The way you treat those lives
You did never try
Until the day you'll die.

You pretend to be the hope
For the left-behind – for every dope.
Always bending and selling the truth
Only you can tell a lie from fake-news.

Where's your point of no return?
Is there a question of your concern?

But as the days go by...

Everything ends up in growing madness
Everybody's going to lose control
Every now and then a glimpse of sadness
But even so you sold your sold.

But as the days go by...