From the recording The Fine Chairs

harmonica by Mike Elsner



I thought you'd be the one
To understand what's going on
But I've think you've lost control
About what's happening with your soul
It took me way too long
To fix the things that kept me strong
You're a magnet for disappointment
No love, no trust, no goal.

You gotta keep the distance
You're far too much involved
You gotta keep the distance
The question how to keep love gotta be solved.

I wonder how you stand
The days of closeness for so long
Behind the words you say
The boredom's ready for a kill
To believe you're something special
That's where I went so wrong
That soulmate thing was something
Forcing me to pay the bill.

You gotta keep the distance...

So don't you think you have more pull
You'd rather realize
You can bustle around as much as you want
At last I stopped to care
Maybe there'll be someone else
To cut you to size
To treat me like a fool
Is simply unfair.