1. Down

From the recording Down

A straight piece of early 80's New Wave Rock music



I'm tired of waiting all day long
To get a glimpse of where you think I went wrong.
How can I keep your love without a fight
All your anger, all your pain want to see the light.

Indifferent suffering as the days go by
Reproachful glances but I still don't know why
I feel I'm running out of trying to understand
The truth is hidden like a penny in the sand.

Down, down, down
I believe that we are slowly sliding
Down, down, down
Times up for you and me if we don't
Take a step back to get a different view
I'll take a step back to get back to you.

I'm searching through what I've said and done
Feeling hounded as if I'm on the run.
Lost in a jungle of ignorance and hope
Won't you change your mind and give me the dope.

Down, down, down...