From the recording Where Are You Now

female vocal by nina lorenz



And if I’d say what’s deep inside me
It’s just what makes me slightly
Going crazy
Would you mind to waste your time
Would listening be a crime
Nothing to save me
From the backyard of my pain
I feel like going down the drain
But they shake their heads in disbelief.

So where are you now
That I dare to show my weakness
You got lost somehow
On my way through mists of sand
So where are you now

The years they've left their marks in my eyes
I’ve learned to see through the lies
People tryin’ to tell me
I sorted crisis out for myself
But now I feel like being left on the shelf
Thrown away
Caught in a self-forged cage
Cause life had turned another page
I shake my head in disbelief.

So where are you now...